To be in harmony with our bodies means having good health and preventing ill health and the need for medications, which although they can do good should be the last resort due to the negative impact on achieving a harmonious body.

The starting point is to understand our heart more and the wonderful work it does in achieving that harmonious balance for us, every moment of every day. We are all aware also that our state of mind has an impact on the healthy working of our hearts. Perhaps, it is more commonly known as stress, the everyday stress that we can all live with and the traumatic stress experienced by so many. Stress, at the end of the day, is a state of mind – the opposite to being at peace or content or joyful.  Often when we are stressed we smoke and/or eat too much unhealthy food, including fast food high in cholesterol.

So as well as the workings of the heart, we will also explore how to keep it healthy on not just a physical level but a mental level as well.

Check out this video to see the wonders of the heart, the hardest working organ in our bodies!