Heart Healthy On The Road: Travel Tips For Those With Heart Disease

Traveling, whether for business or pleasure, can be stressful on you, both physically and mentally; however, if you’re traveling with heart disease, you need to be extra careful with stress, among other things, to avoid unnecessary complications.

Here are a few tips to keep your heart healthy on the road:

Ask Your Doctor Before Making Plans

No matter how casual your travel plans may be, the trip could be harder on your heart than you anticipate. Therefore, you should always run your plans by your doctor first. This is particular important if you have heart disease or have a pacemaker implanted. Let them know where you’re going, how you’re getting there and the different things you plan on doing. In all likelihood, they’ll approve your plans, but they may also have some helpful advice to make the trip as stress-free and safe for you as possible.

Bring All Needed Meds

Calculate all the special medications you’ll be needing while traveling, then add in a few extra doses, just in case anything goes awry. For example, you could accidentally spill a pill or two that can’t be ingested thereafter. You might also be delayed by inclement weather or a missed flight, so be extra cautious when divvying up your meds for traveling. Heart specialists also recommend bringing the original paperwork for your heart medication prescriptions, in case all your medicine is lost (such as with luggage) or otherwise inaccessible to you.

Identify Yourself As A Heart Patient

Because you will be away from your primary care physician, you want anyone else who might be treating you to be aware of your heart condition(s) and all meds you’re on. Get your hands on a medical ID bracelet if you can; otherwise, carry special instructions for care in your wallet at all times, including a list of the prescriptions you’re currently taking. This organisation provides a 24/365 service and custom-made medical ID jewellery.

Balance Your Fluids On The Road

Even if your condition is well-regulated, it’s still very important that your fluids are balanced at all times. Keep yourself well-hydrated and be mindful of your sodium intake. This is particularly significant if your conditions include cardiomyopathy or you’ve had life-threatening incidents involving your heart.

Don’t Sit Still For Too Long, Even On A Plane

You’re at a much greater risk of developing blood clots with your heart condition, and sitting for long periods of time can be very risky. Make sure you get up every few minutes (say, at the half hour mark) and stretch your limbs adequately.

Abide By The Same Rules You Do At Home

Going on vacation means letting loose and having fun; however, if you have dietary restrictions, are limited physically or prohibited from drinking alcohol, observe these rules at all times, just like you would at home. While it’s very easy to get lost in the moment and carried away, doing so may be a threat to your heart. Find other ways of enjoying yourself that don’t have the potential to send you to the emergency room!

Don’t travel with your heart disease, without taking all the precautions necessary to protect yourself. All the perils of travel are especially hard on you, more so than others, and the arising complications can be far more serious. Besides, a little extra TLC never hurt anyone.